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Welcome to the career portal of a company that's revolutionizing the world of digital transformation! As creators of our digital solutions, we're pioneering a future driven by innovation,

intelligence, and impact. Here, we offer opportunities to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry, in an environment that champions learning, growth, and success.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate beginner, there's a place for you in our diverse and dynamic team. Join us in shaping the future of AI and algorithmic trading, and let's drive transformative change together!


(Senior) AI Software Engineer
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As a front-line Software Engineer, you'll become a part of our swiftly expanding engineering team, aiding in the creation of the future generation of AI solutions. You'll get the opportunity to collaborate with clients across diverse Harbor Nexus regions and industries, focusing on using digital tools to tackle business challenges, assisting in designing, constructing, and deploying fresh, creative solutions. Further duties will involve formulating and presenting influential concepts in scientific circles and publishing papers, as well as representing Harbor Nexus in esteemed conferences.

We're in search of gifted individuals with an enthusiasm for software engineering, large-scale data analysis, and facilitating the transformation of organizations into AI-driven innovators.

  • Apply software engineering practices and standards to develop durable and maintainable software
  • Actively participate in each phase of the software development lifecycle
  • Skilled at steering non-technical teams and consultants towards best practices for robust software development
  • Improve the computational efficacy of algorithms and software design
  • Energized by a rapid, service-centric environment and direct interaction with clients regarding new features for upcoming product versions
  • Thrive on team collaboration for the exchange of software design and solution ideas

Candidate please contact carol.t@hbrnexus.com with CV

(Senior) Data Scientist
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The teams at Harbor Nexus command the entire analytical process, from pinpointing fresh business quandaries to crafting ingenious algorithms, creating and launching scalable strategies, and empowering peers and customers to thoroughly integrate AI. We provide a spectrum of product solutions, ranging from tailored to cutting-edge, industry-specific AI applications.

Joining us as a Data Scientist, you'll be part of a rapidly expanding collective. Here lies the opportunity to utilize data science techniques and analytics in practical business scenarios across diverse industries, creating substantial business value. You'll work closely with clients across various Harbor Nexus territories and sectors, focusing on using digital tools to solve business challenges, assisting clients in architecting, constructing, and implementing new, pioneering solutions.

Moreover, your role includes crafting and presenting influential ideas in scientific arenas and authoring papers, as well as representing Harbor Nexus in prominent conferences. The ideal candidate will be an intellectually inquisitive, proactive creator, who's resourceful and articulate.

We're on the hunt for individuals possessing a fervor for data science, statistics, operations research, and catalyzing the transformation of organizations into AI-driven innovators.

  • Suited for a client-oriented role with a desire to guide teams
  • Able to simplify and visually present intricate findings or procedures
  • Capable of making complex data science concepts comprehensible
  • Enjoys the creation process and is comfortable utilizing modern development tools and coding in a team setting (extra credit for software development or DevOps experience)
  • Proficient in applying advanced analytics to varied business scenarios and proven ability to interpret complex data
  • Profound comprehension of contemporary machine learning methodologies and their mathematical foundation, coupled with the capacity to turn this knowledge into business insights for our clients
  • Possesses robust project management skills

Candidate please contact carol.t@hbrnexus.com with CV

Compliance & Risk Consultant
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We're actively seeking to broaden our Operational Risk knowledge base within our Risk and Compliance Practice Area, at the Expert Project Leader and Expert Associate Director levels.

As an Expert Project Leader, you'll meld with a Harbor Nexus team, applying your profound expertise to projects that transform businesses. You'll manage large and intricate components within a Harbor Nexus project, possibly leading compact yet influential teams to catalyze results for our clients. You'll engage closely with clients to comprehend their concerns, conceive change strategies, and secure approval for your propositions. Furthermore, you'll collaborate with colleagues on complex client matters. Your expertise will be cherished by senior clients, and you'll contribute to Harbor Nexus's intellectual assets while devoting significant time to case work support and execution.

As an Associate Director, clients will perceive you as a specialist in your field, and you'll internally represent your subject matter. Partnering with senior Harbor Nexus leadership, you'll facilitate substantial growth in strategic priority areas. You'll participate directly in project execution, enhancing the value delivered to clients and playing an integral part in building intellectual capital and the Harbor Nexus brand. While continuing to actively support and execute client work, Associate Directors disseminate knowledge to their teams—including traditional consultants—through recruitment, coaching, and mentoring of junior team members in your area of expertise.


  • Leading or working in harmony with blended case teams comprising operational risk consultants, including but not limited to technology, cyber, data, reputational, regulatory, compliance, and change management risks.
  • Crafting operational risk management strategies, governance frameworks, policies, processes, and procedures.
  • Performing risk assessments, including control gap analysis and devising remediation roadmaps.
  • Grasping regulations, industry standards, and best practices related to operational risks.
  • Interacting effectively and communicating with risk management leaders and senior business executives.

Candidate please contact carol.t@hbrnexus.com with CV

Customer Insights Consultant
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Harbor Nexus is on the hunt for a Customer Insight Specialist, capable of designing, carrying out, analyzing, and interpreting consumer research. The objective is to unearth insights that will guide growth strategy, innovation, brand repositioning, operational enhancements or other client project types. Our insight work plays a pivotal role in partnering with clients to discover fresh sources of competitive edge and business value. The perfect candidate should be intellectually curious and investigative, with a genuine passion for resolving problems. Essential traits include a robust service mentality, proven quantitative and analytical prowess, excellent interpersonal abilities, leadership experience, and quick-witted thinking.


In this digital era, companies have an unprecedented insight into their customers' intentions. Customer Insight Specialist enable our clients to maximize this opportunity by using customer data to extract unique insights and apply them to drive business strategy, operational enhancements, and product & service innovations.

Customer Insight Specialists work in tandem with clients and consulting team members to identify unique value sources and translate project discoveries into implementable recommendations. In this position, you'll conduct consumer research, synthesize insights, and help clients confront their greatest challenges, as well as execute their business in novel ways that offer competitive advantage and enhance profit margins.

Customer Insight Specialist are crucial to the success of insight projects, managing consumer research endeavors, and communicating findings to clients. Tasks range widely—from formulating surveys to inform a corporate client's investment strategy for a new market acquisition, to creating, conducting, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative research to guide a brand repositioning or innovation effort.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Direct Client Engagement and Support: You'll utilize a broad array of qualitative and quantitative research methods to create business impact for our clients. You'll oversee the research process from design to analysis, consistently translating research findings into viable business recommendations for the client, in collaboration with the project team.
  • Proposal Development Support: You'll facilitate the client proposal development process by aiding in material creation and participating in the sales process. As an Expert, you'll guide research plans and highlight Harbor Nexus’s capabilities in the Consumer Insight arena.
  • Intellectual Capital Development: You'll help expand and deepen the firm's knowledge pool: enhancing Harbor Nexus’s proprietary frameworks, methodologies, & tools, and fostering the knowledge of generalist consultants. You'll develop cutting-edge tools in collaboration with Harbor Nexus’s Consumer Knowledge Team. You'll contribute to CCI growth through case execution, client development, and intellectual property & product creation.
  • Vendor Management: You'll counsel Harbor Nexus’s project teams on the optimal selection and management of external research vendors and aid the broader Customer Insight Operations team in continuously validating/improving external relationships.

Candidate please contact carol.t@hbrnexus.com with CV